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White Muff.JPG
White Muff with Design 1
Bronze Muff 4.JPG
Black Muff.JPG
White Muff in Delivery Box
White Muff with Design 2
Bronze Muff 3.JPG
White Muff with Design 3
White Muff with Design 4
Wedding Model with Muff
Black Muff 2.JPG
White Muff 3.JPG
White Muff 2.JPG
Bronze Muff.JPG
Jane Grace Designs Australia Expo

Designer, Susie Gerritsen has created a collection of elegant muffs in a range of shades to complement any outfit. The designs are reminiscent of a time when women indulged themselves with rich and sophisticated fashion yet appeals to today’s woman with its practical design features and versatility.

The Collection Gallery

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