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Jane Grace Designs is an Australian company providing a elegant and luxurious alternative to your fashion accessories. As a replacement for a bouquet for the elegant winter bride or for a handbag for a night out at the ballet or opera. Jane Grace Designs Muffs are the elegant alternative for any occasion.


Designer, Susie Gerritsen has created a collection of elegant muffs in a range of shades to complement any outfit. The designs are reminiscent of a time when women indulged themselves with rich and sophisticated fashion yet appeals to today’s woman with its practical design features and versatility.


All muffs are made with the highest quality fabrics including French faux fur, silk, satin and velvet and feature a secret pocket to keep the necessities for any occassion. All can be adorned with accessories to complement the individual’s personality.


Call Susie today to discuss your requirements. 

About Jane Grace Designs Australia

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